Thursday, May 1, 2008

Back To School

I did it, I made it to class tonight! Brother Dave took me, as I didn’t feel quite up to driving yet. I caught a ride home with one of my classmates. My first spirituality class on St. Benedict started this evening and I really didn’t want to miss it. There are only five sessions in this class and I will miss one when we go to Oregon in three weeks. Plus, I want to take it for credit, so I really need to be there;>)

It was great getting out and about. I have had to stay at home so much because of health issues, that I really hate not being able to leave the house. I start to get cabin fever if I can’t get out every day ;>) I very much enjoyed seeing lots of old friends and making some new ones. I am so spiritually recharged after these classes that they are important to keep me moving on my spiritual journey. Plus, I always have loved learning ;>)

And I love the Benedictine motto: "Ora et Labora" ... Pray and Work. Everything we do can be offered to cool is that?!

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