Thursday, May 8, 2008

Road Trip

Yesterday my #2 assistant, Jill, and I made a home visit. We went to see Wiley, my mutilating Moluccan cockatoo patient. Wiley has been recovering well; it had been two weeks since I saw him last. He was so jazzed to see us. Typical cockatoo that he is, Wiley just knows every visitor comes to see him. This time he was absolutely right ;>) We were there just for him!

This is the first in what I hope will be an expansion of my practice. I want to develop an in-home behavioral consultation service for parrots. I can learn so much more when I actually see the brids in their own envornment and how they interact with other members of the household and myself. Plus, it's a whole lotta fun ;>))

Wiley is looking good. He still has an open wound on his right leg, but all other areas are healed and there are lots of new feathers coming in. I was so worried that we might lose him, but his “parronts” have been faithfully following instructions. They are wonderful people and really love their bird. Yeah! Our prayers have been answered!

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