Friday, May 9, 2008

Full Load

Wow, today was a back-breaker at work! Just like nothing had happened, it was a fully booked appointment schedule and then some. I got through the day, but l am totally exhausted tonight. I could barely crawl into bed; I guess I still have some post-op fatigue. I should know better…even with less invasive surgery, I usually take about a month to return to top form. And top form these days means being able to stay out of bed for over two hours-LOL!

But I don’t have any pain or nausea and that is amazing in itself. When you live day-to-day with something, you forget what it is to feel “normal”. I think this gall bladder has bothered me for a loonnggg time. I am so glad I had surgery before our trip to Oregon in ten days! Now I don't have to pack five bottles of Tums to take with me ;>))

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