Monday, May 5, 2008

The Road to Recovery

I feel great as long as I am doing nothing. My abdominal muscles are still a bit twingy and I am slightly nauseous now and then, but nothing like before my gall bladder was removed. I suspect those stones have been there for some time and that was the source of most, if not all, my “sensitive stomach” issues. But if I exert myself in any way, I am exhausted. I guess that this was still a major surgery (it took nearly two hours) and I know that the human body (especially a 56 year old one) does not bounce back immediately from general anesthesia. Still, it does take me by surprise, since I feel so well mentally.

While yesterday was a momentous occasion that I would not miss for the world, it took a lot out of me. Between the three hour practice on Saturday and three hours preparing for and assisting at the liturgy yesterday, I had overdone it. By the time Mass started, my insides were jelly and my muscles were quivering. I couldn’t even stay for the reception afterward; I barely made it home in time to collapse in bed for the rest of the day.

After a good night’s rest, I feel good as new this morning. As I told Father this morning, the spirit was willing, but this flesh was awfully weak ;>)

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