Saturday, May 3, 2008


Yesterday after eating, Shirley took me to the Hamilton County courthouse so that I could cast my absentee ballot. That way I won’t have to stand in line next Tuesday at the polls. I had forgotten that you can absentee vote some time in advance of the election.; I always voted absentee when I was in college.

I was under twenty-one when the legal voting age was changed from twenty-one to eighteen.
I treasured the right to voice my opinion and never could understand how someone took this privilege for granted or, worse yet, didn’t vote at all! And it hasn’t been easy; I was born and raised a Democrat in a Republican state ;>) When I went to veterinary school (ultra-conservative politics), I actively campaigned for Democratic candidates.

It has always been of paramount importance for me to vote in every election that I could, primary or regular. Whenever we moved, one of the first things I did was to register to vote in the new district. I have gone to the polls when I was so sick I had to have help standing.

So it has been with a growing sense of shame and disillusionment that I have not voted in the last five years. All politicians seemed to be saying the same thing, and lying about that, anyway. What difference did it make who I voted for? None of them were trustworthy or stood for anything except selfish greed.

My friend Shirley has been actively campaigning for Senator Obama the last couple of weeks before our primary here in Indiana. I tried to dampen her enthusiasm with my cynical philosophy, but she would have none of it. Even though I do not agree with all Shirley’s politics, her earnest belief in our system reawakened my civic pride. When Shirley said that no candidate would every perfectly agree with me on every issue, I knew she was right. And I knew what I had to do! My vote does count...and so does yours. Get out there next Tuesday and help elect those who govern us. It’s your God-given right and your civic duty!


Shirley Morgan said...

Way to go, Ellen! GREAT POST!

Shirley Morgan said...

And I have to add, that meeting him and his wife Michelle last Saturday at the park, and watching their daughters play with the kids at the picnic was just marvelous!